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We find the most interesting Vintage Preamps. Here are the best deals we found for Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2 State of the Art TUBE PREAMP for sale on the Internet.

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Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2 State of the Art TUBE PREAMP Picture(s) and Description:

 338231506023026380 Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2   State of the Art  TUBE PREAMP

Offered here is a rare Beveridge RM1/RM2 tube preamp that I have owned almost since it was new..As an avid Beveridge fan I 've had a few of these since they were introduced..I originally used RM1/2 preamp with an incredible pair of the original Beveridge model 2 full range electrostatic speakers..Subsequently I bought the Model 2SW speakers and finally the 2SW2 system,always using one example or another of the RM1/2 preamp. The original Model 2 speakers were in my opinion the ones I liked the best. At one point I decided to address a couple of intrinsic problems that probably plagued every Beveridge preamp made to one degree or another..ie: premature or prolonged muting,caused by deterioration of 3 of the 12 6DJ8 tubes which also compromised its great performance , and there was some softness of the lowest octave in most speaker systems..With the help of Roger Majesky designer of the RM1/2, there was a big improvement, however after a while signs of the same problem began to occur again so I decided to start a cost no object improvement effort, locally in Brooklyn and had one of the most highly regarded and competent high end audio technicians in the country tackle this preamp. He studied the circuitry carefully looking for the cause of the premature tube aging and when he finished $1500+ later (1988 dollars) I had exactly what the RM1/2 should have been from the factory...a component that now sounded even better than new...didnt use up the 3 tubes in the circuit as before.. deteriorating the performance as well as causing DC offsets engaging the muting circuit.The culprit had been a design fault in the power supply. This was eliminated permanently ! The result was a reliable and incredibly accurate luxury component that never exhibited any problems since! The preamp was recapped with the highest quality caps at the time ,including an entire bank of large caps mounted on a new board ( that can be seen in open cover image at the top right) that never existed previously which tightened up the bass perfectly..New premium wire was also installed as well.. The Cinch Jones connector between the preamp and the power supply was eliminated by hard wiring..also eliminating problems.. Some other details I can no longer remember were corrected.. The RESULT: The most highly refined example of this benchmark preamp ever done. Beveridge RM2 RM2 preamps appear on the market now and then but none have had this level of refinement or the vital corrections mentioned earlier. You will never find another like this one! I had moved a few years ago and since then I didn't set up another high end system ,nor used this preamp again except to test it today.Actually it hadn't gotten much use prior to moving for that matter. Now I feel I wont have an occasion to make use of it and it's a shame for it to sit in the closet . Some of the Beveridge's features and functions: -The RM1/2 had the BEST signal to noise ratio of ANY audio component made up to that time (and possibly to this day!) of 80db.quieting Original price $3500 (the most expensive audio component of its day. Many hundreds more than the ARC SP9 which was its closest competition and the RM1/2 clearly superior by most opinions (except for one prominent publisher who couldn't or wouldn't admit that Beveridge was better than the ARC SP9...$$$$). Yet Harold Beveridge actually lost money on every RM1/RM2! -Rare and useful.. true phase reversal..Mode.. (nor just speaker phasing) -Built in warm up turn on delay (red display). -Green display for operation mode. --Blue display for auto mute (if no signal for several minutes) . -Touch mute feature. -Stereo Blend control sets varying amount of stereo separation from mono to full stereo. -Fully adjustable(micro switches) phono section..2 tone arm inputs . -Hard wired connecting cable. -12 tube 6DJ8 circuitry. -Tape input switching (Source). -Aux /tuner/Phono1/ Phono2 -Top quality pots, control switches,tube sockets. True stepped volume pot..multiple switchable AC receptacles. All knobs were actually hand machined (at great expense)! -Comes with owners manual,remarkable original 16 pages of schematics! -Original cartons. This is a rare opportunity to buy a great high end preamp that is working beautifully and "sounds" as good (or better) than most highly rated contemporary preamps AND it offers several unique features (including a superb and flexible phono section) that other "state of the arts"preamps do not provide! It's a piece of audio history..A challenge that was more than successfully accomplished and something I never thought I would part with!..Plans were made to reintroduce the Beveridge RM!/2 a few years ago at somewhere between $10k and $14k, but it never materialized. -If this preamp was marketed today its doubtful if it would be less than $20k...possibly more! The cosmetics are excellent with only minor signs of usage. There is a noticeable hairline below the power switch on the RM2 power supply.(RM2 p/s should be kept at its umbilical cable's length from the preamp RM1...a lower shelf is appropriate.Never stacked as shown) Please ask any questions (EXCEPT the reserve!) before you bid..Because it is a vintage component there is no warranty or guaranty regarding the performance of this item. Sold as is. Payment due within 3 days. Shipping in US $50... Foreign shipping estimates- inquire on line: usps.com or ups.com for the exact charges to YOUR country. Packing will be carefully done to withstand the usual poor handling by shippers!Insurance will be required for ebay sale price. Reserve the right to end auction if sold locally..No sale to Communist China or to the Russian Fed.

 338231506023026381 Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2   State of the Art  TUBE PREAMP
 338231506023026382 Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2   State of the Art  TUBE PREAMP
 338231506023026383 Rare BEVERIDGE RM1 RM2   State of the Art  TUBE PREAMP

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