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Harman Kardon Citation I Vintage Tube Preamp 1 w/ Case

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Harman Kardon Citation I Vintage Tube Preamp 1 w/ Case Picture(s) and Description:

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Your browser does not support JavaScript. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser. Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery - Now FREE! Harman Kardon Citation I Vintage Tube Preamp 1 w/ Case The Famous Stuart Hegeman Citation Preamp! Needs Work!! Harman Kardon Citation I Tube Preamp Original Harman Kardon Citation I Wood Case Four GE 12ax7wa Tubes 4 12AT7WA/B GE Tubes (1 Raytheon 12ax7) Preamp needs some work to bring back to proper performance. Plase read “condition” section for more details Today Harman International is the largest audio component manufacturer in the world, they are the parent company of many top notch names, such as; JBL, Infinity, Revel, Audioaccess, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Madrigal Imaging, Proceed Crown, dbx , Studer and of course the company in which it grew out of, Harman Kardon. In the 1950’s two men, Dr. Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon started a small hi-fi company, their goal was simple, to create audio equipment that really “brought the music alive”. One of their wisest decisions early on was to hire an extraordinarily talented engineer, Stuart Hegeman. Like many geniuses in their respective fields Hegemans’s ideas were so far ahead of their time they were scoffed at by his peers, but are now universally accepted. For example; his theory of amplifier design based on ultra-wide frequency response, stating the frequency response of an amplifier should not be limited to the range of human hearing (20 to 20,000 Hertz) but should also be extended to the fringe areas of the audio band (10 to 40k Hz), was laughed at. But two decades later nearly every manufacturer adopted this principle to some degree, as its sonic benefits of lower distortion and an overall more natural sonic representation are well accepted. Hegeman was also the first to identify negative feedback (a common method amp designers use for reducing measurable distortion) as a source of unusual distortion in itself, which was undetectable by the instrumentation of the day. As measurement methods evolved, Hegeman’s philosophy was proven true. Unlike so many other audio engineers Hegeman was not limited to a specific area of audio design. He made brilliant breakthroughs in almost every area of audio, including FM tuners, preamplifiers and loudspeaker design. He even invented a large screen projection tv in the 50’s and handmade a working video recorder prototype in the 60’s long before anyone knew what these were. Hegeman designed many classic audio components including the Harman Kardon Citation I preamp, the Citation II power amp, the Citation IIIx tuner, the landmark Lafayette KT-550 power amp and matching KT-600 preamp, the HAPI 1 & 2 preamps, the Dynaco FM-1 tuner, the Stromberg Carlson labyrinth loudspeaker, many amps & speaker systems for Brociner, Eico, Harman-Kardon, etc (this list can go on and on) He also invented the soft dome tweeter and the omni-direction speaker system. His theoretical work on loudspeaker dispersion and electronic sound in general have been snapped up by manufacturers and still serves as the basis of their product lines to this very day. The Citation I was the companion preamp for the famed Citation II amp & Citation III-x tuner. It was originally released in 1959 with a production run until 1963 and an original selling price of $250.00 (in kit form). It is considered by many as being amongst the finest preamps ever produced, even besting some of the higher profile golden era greats from McIntosh and Marantz. When properly rebuilt the Citation I is sonically sweet, refined, natural, eerily three-dimensional, and very easy on the ears. It contains that “magical tube” sound that makes tube equipment so well loved. It is a classic that can handle any source, vintage or modern, with the highest degree of sonic fidelity. Some of its many features include; Separate Bass and Treble step-type tone controls for each channel. Controls completely out of the circuit when in the flat position to eliminate phase shift and transient distortion inherent in all tone controls. Special treble cut contains scratch filter for sharp roll-off without ringing. Each amplification stage is flat over an extremely wide range and is surrounded with a feedback loop. Unmeasurable distortion and phase shift. D.C. on all heaters and the use of low noise resistors in critical places to reduce thermal agitation and hum- Anode follower outputs insure extended low frequency response by including the output coupling condenser in the feedback loop. All operating controls arranged in logical grouping to facilitate operation Chassis designed to permit easy accessibility to all connections. 18 stages utilizing 9 dual triodes. Silicon diode rectifiers for B+ and filaments. Separate turnover and roll-off equalization controls for virtually any combination of record or tape playback equalization curves. Continuously variable blend control acting as a third channel gain control or as a crossfeed control if a center speaker is not used. Zero to infinity balance control offering full range and complete cut-off for either speaker. Military construction throughout for rigidity and professional appearance And Much More! Frequency Response +O, -0.5 db, 5-80,000 cycles per second. Distortion Less than 0.05% at 2 volts. Total Noise High Level Input: 85 db below rated output. Low Level Input: Less than 1.5 microvolts referred to input terminals. Rated Output Main Outputs: 2 volts. Tape Outputs : 0.3 volts Input Sensitivity High Level: 0.2 volt. Low Level: 2.5 mv. in Phono RIAA. 2.0 mv. in Tape Head position- Ceramic Phono: 0.1 volt. Function Selector Six positions: AUX, TAPE AMP, TUNER. PHONO '1. PHONO 2: TAPE HEAD. Mode SelectorFive positions: STEREO, BLEND, A & B, MON A, MON B. Blend Control Acts as crossfeed control in Blend position or 3rd channel gane control in Stereo position. Equalization Controls Two separate controls for Roll Off and Turnover. Turnover: TAPE, 80O/RCA, RIAA, LP, AES, 78, Roll-Off : 0/78,4/FFRR, 10.5/OLD LON, 12/AL;S, 14/RIAA, 16/LP. Tone Controls Professional step-type controls for each channel- Out of the circuit in the flat position, Balance Control Zero to infinity type; frequency insensitive. Phase Switch To correct for improperly recorded program material or out of phase speakers Channel Reverse Switch Interchanges Channel A and B for proper listening orientation. Contour Switch Compensates for Fletcher-Munson effect at low listening level. Low Frequency FilterThree positions: FLAT, 15 cycle subsonic filter, 75 cycle rumble filter. High Frequency Filter Five positions incorporated into treble tone controls. Tape Monitor Switch Permits monitoring of tape while recording. Power On/Off Switch Illuminated rotary type: heavy duty construction. Output Receptacles Two main preamplifier outputs. One third channel output. Two tape outputs for recording. AC Convenience Outlets Total 4. Three switched; one unswitched. Tube Complement Total 9.4-ECCS3/12AX7, 5-ECC81/12AT7. Plus 6 silicon diodes. Dimensions Preamp:14 7/8" W x 5 1/2" H x 12 5/8" D Case: 16 1/4" W x 8" H x 12 3/4" D Weight Preamp:23.5 lbs unpacked Case: 6.5lbs unpacked Preamp has been in storage for many years. I pulled it out, slowly powered it up on a variable transformer, and listened to it. It does pass an audio signal through both channels and sounds pretty good at high volumes. However there is a static sound from both channels which can be heard at low volume (like the static of an un-tuned tuner). One channel is louder than the other. There are some pops and static audible every so often as well. Please only bid on this item if you know how to work on tube electronics or are willing to pay someone to do it. This is a great restoration project for those who have the time and expertise, unfortunately I don’t. These preamps sound amazing when properly rebuilt. Cosmetically there is some chassis discoloration There are some marks on faceplate as well as letter fading in a few spots. The knob centers are discolored. Cab has some nicks, dings, scratches, and some corner separation. On the right side there looks like a repair of a crack. This is a No Reserve Auction so it will go to the highest bidder. Winning bidder pays $39.75 for careful shipping, packaging, & insurance in the continental U.S. International bidders welcome and pay only actual shipping price, no handling fee. Please note: the item pictured is guaranteed to be the actual item you will receive. None of my pictures are taken off other peoples pages or web sites, so bid with confidence - what you see is what you get! PayPal and any other eBay approved payments gladly accepted! (please email for details) Never a handling fee, buyer pays actual shipping as stated above. International bidders welcome. Click here to check out my other auctions for more great items! Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Click to view supersized image Your browser does not support JavaScript. 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